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Meet Todd Lacy, Presidents at Masonic Homes Kentucky

February 17, 2018

Some people stumble into their chosen profession by happenstance. Others spend decades searching for a vocation that will bring them fulfillment. For Todd Lacy, a career in aging care services has always been a part of his plan. Todd’s wife,…

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Meet J Scott Judy, Chief Executive Officer

February 10, 2018

J Scott’s career in aging care was inevitable—if not fateful. When J Scott was just 9 years old, his father Jim Judy gathered the family around the dinner table and announced he had taken a new job. “At the time…

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Tipping the Scales of Life in Our Favor

April 1, 2022

How would you spend 30 Bonus Years™? Comedian George Burns was once quoted as saying, “If you live to be one hundred, you’ve got it made. Very few people die past that age.” While Burns’ quip is funny, the phenomenon…

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Personal Touch

February 20, 2020

Crescent Grove brings inspired living to personal and memory care This spring, Masonic Homes Kentucky unveiled yet another elevated living experience on its Louisville Campus when it welcomed residents to Crescent Grove Memory & Personal Care, formerly Pillars Assisted Care…

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The Ethridges Found More Than Savings in Their New Home

July 6, 2022

Is aging in place a good decision? Read how Larry and Edith made the move to a care community and never looked back. When making important decisions or choices, we often ask, “Can I afford it?” However, when weighing retirement…

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Rooted in History

October 17, 2018

Though Masonic Homes Kentucky recently celebrated its sesquicentennial, at least one inhabitant on the verdant Louisville Campus has been around much longer than that. On the east side of campus, behind Davies Hall, towers a 250-year-old Slippery Red Elm (Ulmus…

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