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Masonic Homes Kentucky COVID-19 Action Response

May 22, 2023

Masonic continues to receive guidance on ways to limit our community’s exposure to coronavirus COVID-19. The following information is updated regularly, please check this blog for any changes to procedures and guidelines regarding our response to COVID-19 pandemic. Masonic’s COVID-19…

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“What Should I Do For a Living?” Career Paths With Purpose

May 22, 2023

Finding your purpose in a career starts with the common question, “What should I do for a living?”. It’s a big question that isn’t always easy to answer. But the truth is, finding your purpose involves being open-minded to a…

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Facilities Management: 3 Jobs in Senior Living that May Surprise You

May 10, 2023

“The sky’s the limit” when it comes to the different types of career opportunities available at Masonic Homes Kentucky. You can start building a future in a career that doesn’t feel like a job. A vital branch in Masonic’s network…

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What Parents Want Adult Children to Know About Moving to Senior Living

April 17, 2023

Your parents tended to your boo-boos, instilled morals and redirected you when you went astray. No matter how old you get, they will always be your parents. However, as your parents age, there may be a time when you want…

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Myth vs. Fact – Independent Living Communities Edition

February 2, 2023

Separate Fiction from the Truth There are a lot of misconceptions and myths about independent living communities. Some ideals are rooted in past experiences from visiting friends and family in nursing homes. Some are just due to lack of knowledge….

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Community Living Makes Travel Easier

December 15, 2022

Travel plans are back on, airports are packed, and the excitement of taking to the open road has a renewed spirit. In fact, travel during the recent Thanksgiving holiday was almost at pre-pandemic volumes. According to AAA, 49 million Americans…

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