Masonic Homes Kentucky Earns Fifth Tree Campus Recognition

We’re thrilled to announce that Masonic Homes Kentucky has once again been recognized as a Tree Campus by the Arbor Day Foundation! This prestigious designation highlights our commitment to environmental stewardship, sustainability, and fostering a greener, healthier community.

Achieving Tree Campus status is no small feat. It requires meeting rigorous standards established by the Arbor Day Foundation, which includes maintaining a tree care plan, dedicating resources to tree planting and care, and promoting environmental responsibility through community engagement.

A huge congratulations to Grounds Superintendent Greg Meyer and our dedicated Grounds and Landscaping Team for their tireless efforts in securing this recognition for the fifth year running! Their passion and expertise ensure a beautiful and healthy campus environment for our residents and staff.

By continuing these practices, Masonic Homes Kentucky is not only contributing to a more aesthetically pleasing environment, but also playing a vital role in our community’s overall well-being. Trees provide numerous benefits, including improved air and water quality, reduced energy consumption, and increased property values.

Want to learn more about the Tree Campus program and the Arbor Day Foundation’s mission? Visit their website at

Together, let’s keep our community flourishing!

May 10, 2024