A special thanks to our employees

J Scott Judy, Interim CEO

A letter from J Scott Judy, Interim CEO at Masonic Homes Kentucky.

Several years ago, while my children were opening gifts on Christmas morning, I sat in grateful appreciation for my family and the wonderful memories we were creating at that moment. But it also hit me how many people were at work at Masonic Homes Kentucky’s many communities caring for residents. The realization of how much they were sacrificing brought tears to my eyes. Even now, some nights lying in bed before going to sleep, I find my thoughts are pulled back to work; not all that needs to be done, but those who are at our communities in Louisville and Shelbyville attending to the needs of our residents.

From maintaining the beauty and security of our communities to attending to the most intimate tasks of personal care for our residents, or teaching our children, hundreds of our team members are hard at work 24 hours a day, every day, while we rest. The work is often thankless and it certainly isn’t glamorous, but it is done with care, comfort, professionalism and passion. Day after day they honor the trust people have bestowed upon them in caring for their loved one. We are, after all, in the trust business. People trust into our care their most precious loved ones – their child, mother, father, grandmother or grandfather.

The importance of these team members and the work they do cannot be overstated. Members on the frontlines attend to every detail of our guests’ experience at Masonic Homes and are often the first people with whom our residents and family members interact. They form deep, personal relationships with our residents and their families, and help those family members feel comfortable leaving their loved ones. Nurses, groundskeepers, housekeepers, dining servers, security and safety personnel, teachers, property managers and many others are not just employees of Masonic Homes—they are Masonic Homes.

I tell every Masonic Homes team member they have the most important job in the organization, and it’s true every time I say it. It’s not unlike a basketball team: While the star players and coaches receive the accolades, the team’s success is, in reality, the result of countless behind-the-scenes staffers—equipment managers, trainers, office staff, people wiping sweat off the court and washing jerseys and many, many more—each doing their part so players can focus on scoring points and the coaches can recruit players and teach them how to win. Masonic Homes holds the distinction of being among the nation’s finest aging care providers not because of leadership from the top, but because our 800 employees embrace their role and do the very best they can for the resident or child in their care. Individuals doing their part with excellence collectively carry the team to our victory – your trust.

As we head in to this season of thankfulness, I want to ask a favor. Join me in extending gratitude to every team member who works tirelessly to help our residents and maintains the standard of excellence that you expect for your loved one. Let them know they are appreciated, and you will be a member of the team, too. Take your role of expressing thanks with the same enthusiasm as they have for the people under our care.