Myth vs. Fact – Independent Living Communities Edition

Separate Fiction from the Truth

There are a lot of misconceptions and myths about independent living communities. Some ideals are rooted in past experiences from visiting friends and family in nursing homes. Some are just due to lack of knowledge. Active older adult communities are based on carefree living, active lifestyles and community. Today, we are going to debunk some common myths about today’s independent living culture!

Myth #1: I’ll lose my independence at a senior living community.

Fact: This is your community. This is your home. Your life at a senior living community can be as active and independent as you want it to be, and can also focus on enjoying worry-free relaxation. Many people find letting go of the responsibilities of home ownership allows them the freedom to finally live the life they’ve dreamed of.

Myth #2: I’ll have to give up what I love.

Fact: Independent living communities allow you do more of what you love, and find more things to spark your interest. When you eliminate the time-consuming tasks of home upkeep, you’ll have more time to spend on the things you enjoy. Now there’s time to pick up your paint brush or camera, meet new friends with similar interests and maybe discover a passion that you didn’t even know you had.

Myth #3: I shouldn’t move until I need help taking care of myself.

Fact: The most common response we hear from our residents is “I wish I would have moved in sooner.” Active lifestyle communities are not for those who require assistance with their daily lives. Many retirees move into communities because they want a more active social life, especially with all their newfound free time. Snow birds find an independent living community a great alternative for maintenance-free living allowing more time for adventures and travel. Waiting until a health crisis occurs may limit the options you have available to you as you plan your future.

Myth #4: It is cheaper to stay in my home.

Fact: Even if you’ve paid off your mortgage, home ownership is still costly when you consider home repairs and upkeep, insurance, taxes, utilities, emergency expenses, etc. At an aging adult community, everything is included in your monthly service fee – not to mention the convenience of having entertainment, social events, housekeeping services, and care support at your fingertips.

Myth 5: I won’t have privacy at a community.

Fact: Your apartment is yours. It’s completely private and comes with all the amenities of your home, just none of the maintenance. Carefree living is choosing what you want to do when you want to do. Many social activities are available, but your privacy is always respected by staff members as well as other residents.

Myth #6: I’ll run out of money.

Fact: At Masonic Homes Kentucky, a senior living sales counselor will work with you to find the floor plan that is the right financial fit for you. One of the assurances of our Meadow, Miralea and Village independent living communities is that you will never be asked to leave our community if you outlive your resources through no fault of your own. This means that you will have access to independent living and higher levels of care for as long as you should need them. You can think of our independent living communities as building a solid plan for tomorrow in addition to enjoying life to the fullest today.

Myth #7: You have to be a Mason to live here.

Fact: Masonic’s residential communities and services are open to anyone, regardless of affiliation, race, national origin, gender, disability or religion. Our residents come from all walks of life and each have a unique story and background.

Ready to go fact-finding for yourself? Masonic Homes Kentucky’s senior living sales counselors are ready talk with you! To set up an appointment for a meeting or a tour, call 502.897.8727 or email

February 2, 2023