Kosair Cares

Kosair Charities, an organization known for a long history of serving the underserved, continues to make the mission of Masonic Homes Kentucky possible through multiple gifts. In fact, Kosair provided the initial gift to help create a school that integrated both typical and medically fragile children in a safe, nurturing environment. Today, that place is called Sproutlings Pediatric Day Care & Preschool at Kosair Charities Center.

While the initial gift was for bricks and mortar, Kosair Charities and its members’ outreach extends beyond the walls of the building. Here are just a few of their many contributions:

Annually, the Kosair Boat Club hosts Christmas in July at Sproutlings, with a special visit from Santa Claus who brings needed supplies and a toy for each child. This year, they donated Boppy pillows and Bye Bye Buggy carts for special rides throughout the campus. They also delivered weighted blankets, which are used during naptime and have been found particularly helpful for children with anxiety, sensory processing disorder, and ADHD.

One teacher witnessed such an amazing response to the weighted blankets that she started making her own so that all the children at Sproutlings could have their own.

“At their age, play is their work,” said Amber Zambrano, director of education and operations at Sproutlings. “Not only are well-rested children more responsive and attentive, they’re also happier and play better with their peers. It’s a wonderful thing to witness.”







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October 9, 2018