International Traveler Discovers Community Living

Donna Peak knew a continuum of care topped her list of requirements when looking for a community to call home. Decades before, Peak and her siblings painstakingly moved their dad to three different locations to meet his needs as his level of care changed. His final residence was Masonic Homes Kentucky, where today a memorial plaque bears his name.

“We didn’t understand the nuances of what all is needed as you grow older,” said Peak.

Peak’s journey to community living was different than her fathers. As an international, solo traveler, Peak, retired at age 58 from a career that had landed her in Washington D.C. She knew she wanted to retire to her hometown of Louisville, and decided to build a home that she thought would suit her future needs.
Peak’s re-acquaintance with Masonic came through her interaction with in her church group. Most in the group were older than Peak, and talked a lot about needing more support. She was invited to tag along with a friend to a sales event at a local community.

“I just listened and looked around,” said Peak, who spent a lot of time researching options and talking with others who were currently living in communities.

Peak, who was growing tired of the responsibilities tied to home ownership, was focused on the importance of a continuum of care, predictability of finances and safety. She started attending events regularly at Masonic.

“A continuum of care was my No. 1 criteria when looking at communities,” said Peak.

It was at a Masonic event that she learned about Miralea and Meadow Active Lifestyle Communities, where a single, monthly service fee includes flexible dining plans, interior and exterior maintenance, housekeeping, activities and more. She also learned about Masonic’s financial arrangement, Life Care which allows residents access to multiple levels of care and health services with a single predictable monthly service fee. This unique plan also allows for a highly refundable entrance fee to the residents’ estate.

“I remember my family sitting around the table trying to figure out my dad’s finances,” said Peak. “My life is planned out and I don’t have to worry about the next step. Life Care simplifies my finances.”

Peak worked with Sales Counselor Mary Ayers and set an ideal target move-in date. After living through the ice storm and losing power, she decided moving earlier might be better. In the winter of 2019, Peak started thinking about the tasks of homeownership in the spring, from mowing, cleaning gutters and general maintenance.

“I called Mary and said ‘I’m ready’,” Peak said. “We met the first week of February, but I had already figured out what type of apartment I wanted and that I wanted it facing the Southwest because I like to watch the weather.”

Peak moved in one week before the pandemic closed down most of Louisville, including Masonic. “I moved in just in the nick of time. If I would have waited I would have been at home alone and it would have been a very lonely year,” said Peak. I’m happy to be healthy, safe and have the community. The socialization has been great. All I have to do is walk out my door to see other people.”

As for what’s next for Peak, she already has two trips scheduled for this year including a cruise on the Danube and a train trip through Switzerland.

“I’m directing my own life. My heart was already here, and I knew they would take good care of me. I know I made the right choice.”

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March 17, 2022