Visitor Guidelines

We are excited to share our plan to bring back the services that make Masonic unique, from group activities and communal dining to family and friend visits. While we will continue to roll out a plan that is both safe and cautious, we understand the importance of reuniting residents with their loved ones. This has been a difficult time and we appreciate your support of our efforts to make everyone’s well-being and safety a top priority. Thank you for your patience. We continue to thank you and your loved ones for understanding as we move forward with the health and safety of our resident/patients and employees in mind.

Activities, communal dining and visits are dependent on a community being free from confirmed COVID positives cases for 14 days and the county not being designated “red” due to the percentage of cases in that specific county. If at any time a positive case is confirmed, we will have to temporarily discontinue activities, communal dining and in-person visits until guidelines are met. If a positive case is reported while visits are in session, we will have to ask anyone visiting to leave the community. Please call your loved one’s community at least 24 hours in advance to make staff aware of when you are coming to visit.

The following communities are closed to visitors until further notice: Personal Care at Masonic Home Shelbyville remains closed to visitors.

The following communities are open to visitors: Masonic Home Shelbyville and Assisted Living at Pillars, Sam Swope Care Center, Grove Pointe Assisted Living, Sally’s Garden and Crescent Grove Memory & Personal Care Community.

Resident Visits
We ask residents and visitors to please adhere to the following:
• Visitors must follow safety guidelines including completion of a Visitor Screening Attestation Form and temperature check, as well as, washing/sanitizing of hands prior to and after visit.
• In-person visits may occur inside a resident’s room or outdoors.
• Outdoor visits generally pose a lower risk of transmission due to increased space and airflow. Therefore, visits should be held outdoors if weather and the resident’s condition permit. Please notify an employee before leaving the building.

• Visitors, residents are required to wear masks if they are not fully vaccinated. Employees must wear a mask at all times.
• Residents who are fully vaccinated (meaning 14 days after the second dose of a two dose vaccine or 14 days after the first dose of a one-dose vaccine) are allowed close contact if they choose, including touch. Residents who are not fully vaccinated must social distance. All visitors must social distance from other visitors, employees and other residents.
• Cleaning and disinfecting will occur often of high-touch surfaces.
• Pets must be on a leash and distance six feet from the resident. Up-to-date vaccination records must be provided to the community in advance of the visit.
• If you are sick, please do not visit. Reschedule your visit when you are feeling better or change to a Virtual Visit. Virtual Visits will continue to be an option and may be scheduled by contacting the community’s Life Enrichment director.

Off-site Visits and Appointments
It is important to remember there is still risk associated with leaving campus, even if you are fully vaccinated. Exposure to someone COVID-positive could have negative consequences including infection or requirement to quarantine. Although being fully vaccinated decreases an individual’s risk of contracting COVID, it does not eliminate all risk. The following safety guidelines should be followed to reduce the risk of exposure. The guidelines also apply to off-site medical appointments with family or other representative providing transportation.
• Wear a mask to and from your appointment or off-site visit (if you are not fully vaccinated or with someone who is not full vaccinated) and follow safety guidelines of washing/sanitizing hands often and social distancing.
• If riding with another person, both the resident and driver should wear a mask (if they are not fully vaccinated) to and from the appointment or off-site visit and follow safety guidelines of washing/sanitizing hands often and social distancing.
• Vehicle owner should disinfect before and after usage with an EPA registered disinfectant.
• Notify Masonic immediately if the resident has been exposed to an active COVID-positive individual.

New Admissions/Hospital Visits
New admissions who have been fully vaccinated will not be required to isolate unless they have been exposed to someone who is positive for COVID. New admissions who are not at least 14 days past receiving the second dose of the two-dose vaccine or 14 days past
receiving the first dose of a single-dose vaccine, will be required to isolate for 14 days upon being admitted, or 20 days for immuno-compromised.

Pet therapy continues at Masonic Homes Kentucky

Pet therapy continues to be an important comfort measure for residents in long-term care. Masonic Homes Kentucky welcomes pets into its communities with the following guidelines:

The community must be open to visitors. Pets may not visit at any community or area closed to visitors due to COVID-19.

  • All pets must have a record of up-to-date vaccinations on file in the community they are visiting.
  • If a pet is sick, do not visit until the pet has been cleared by its veterinarian.
  • Both the handler and animal should remain at least six feet apart from others when possible.
  • The handler and resident must be masked at all times.
  • Animals should not lick or provide “kisses” to residents.
  • All vests, leashes, harnesses and other supplies should be sanitized regularly.
  • Limit the amount of supplies, toys, etc., brought into the community. Do not let residents or employees touch the animal’s supplies including toys.
  • The animal’s paws must be cleaned prior to enter a community.
  • Hands should be properly sanitized after touching the animal.

For a complete list of guidance for service animal visits to long-term care communities, click here.

Meadow, Miralea and Village Active Lifestyle Communities: In-person Visits

• Please limit the number of visitors at a time to two per residence. Visitors may stay overnight. The guest suites are not available for overnight guests at this time.
• All visitors must be screened and complete a Visitor Attestation Form at arrival during business hours. Meadow and Miralea visitors will be screened at the
concierge on Monday – Friday, 7 am – 8 pm and Saturday and Sunday, 10 am – 4 pm. Village visitors will be screened at the Village Business Office located on the
lower level of The Olmsted on Monday-Friday, 9 am to 4 pm. During all other times, visitors will be screened at the Gate House.
• Residents may only host visitors in their apartments/patio homes. Residents and their visitors are asked not to congregate or visit in common areas. This is to
preserve those spaces for resident-only interactions.
• At this time visitors are not permitted to dine with residents in Juleps or Palette.
• It is imperative all visitors be screened. Screenings allow a layer of caution for you and allows us to better respond to any instances of exposure to follow through
with contact tracing. Visitors are not permitted entry through exterior entrances, or through first floor patio doors.

Reminders and Updates
Residents returning from out of state are asked to quarantine for 14 days, per the Governor’s guidance. A 14-day quarantine after returning from out of state is no longer mandated. Residents returning from hospital visits are no longer required to quarantine for 14 days, unless they were knowingly exposed to COVID-19
• Masonic transportation can only transport one resident or two residents who reside in the same apartment at a time.
• Please limit indoor, in-person groups to 10 or less. Masks must be worn at all times and social distancing guidelines of 6 feet must be followed.
• Salons will remain open to residents only.
• Scheduled indoor visits will continue in the designated areas.

If you have questions regarding visits or reminders, please talk with your community’s leadership.