Peace of Mind for Your Peace and Quiet

We’ve all heard the adage, “You can’t pour from an empty cup.” For caregivers of aging adults, there is a lot of truth to the saying.

On average, there are 53 million caregivers in the U.S., with most caring for a loved one over the age of 50. The average caregiver age is also over 50, primarily female, and works a full- or part-time job. Most caregivers spend more than 23 hours per week providing unpaid care to another, and the number of hours increase if the care recipient lives with their caregiver. In reality, caregiving is a full-time job in itself.

While most caregivers find purpose in this role, it can quickly take a toll on work performance, relationships with family and friends, financial struggles, and the caregiver’s health. Yet, finding the time to enjoy a little rest and relaxation can often seem like an impossible hurdle.

“Planning even a short outing can be a major feat for some caregivers,” said Client Services Director Sally Garcia “Depending on the level of care being provided, a caregiver has to do a lot of planning, coordinating and trusting before they can enjoy a break, often depending on other family members and friends to cover their responsibilities.”

A great solution is respite care, a program that can fill the gap of caregiving duties in a community focused on caring for seniors. Masonic offers respite care programs at both our Louisville and Shelbyville Campuses.

Respite provides a short-term solution enabling caregivers to go on vacation or just have a break to take care of themselves. Respite residents enjoy the same personal care and amenities as long-term residents, just for a short period of time.

At Masonic, respite care is available at different care levels and includes:

  • a spacious, fully furnished private apartment or room
  • 24-hour passionate staff
  • three meals served in appointed dining rooms
  • daily life enrichment activities
  • beautiful indoor and enclosed outdoor communal areas
  • housekeeping and laundry service

“It is natural for a family caregiver to care for their loved one’s needs first. Even if a week-long vacation isn’t in the plans, there are still small things that a caregiver can do to tend to their own mental and physical health,” said Sally.

Here are some suggestions to nurture the mind, body and spirit:

  • Stay hydrated. There are so many reusable water bottles on the market. Find one you like and keep it with you. If you’re techy, there are drink reminder apps and even some smart water bottles that will remind you to take a drink.
  • Keep healthy snacks within arm’s reach. It’s easy to get moving and forget to eat so make sure you have some high-energy foods readily available.
  • Get moving. Find ways to incorporate activity into your day. It’s especially beneficial if you can include the person you are caring for to keep them active too.
  • Take mental breaks every day. Listen to meditation in the car, find time to read a few chapters in a book, take a walk, or start each day with a gratitude list.
  • Stay connected to friends. Set up coffee dates, or weekly phone check-ins, anything to keep from being isolated. Seek professional help if needed. Many mental health providers offer virtual and telephone sessions making it easier to tend to your mental wellness when life is busy.
  • Check out caregiver support groups. You will find others managing the same responsibilities, and along with feeling connected, you might discover some useful tips to lessen your load.

Caregivers can never have enough resources and options. Tour our Respite Care communities to learn more about our services and how we can help support you and your loved one.

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