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Masonic Homes Kentucky COVID-19 Action Response

Masonic continues to receive guidance on ways to limit our community’s exposure to coronavirus COVID-19. The following information is updated regularly, please check this blog for any changes to procedures and guidelines regarding our response to COVID-19 pandemic. Masonic’s COVID-19 Compliance Hotline If you have any questions, please contact Masonic’s COVID Compliance Hotline at 502.340.2390 […]

Tipping the Scales of Life in Our Favor

How would you spend 30 Bonus Years™? Comedian George Burns was once quoted as saying, “If you live to be one hundred, you’ve got it made. Very few people die past that age.” While Burns’ quip is funny, the phenomenon of longer life expectancies is no joke. When the modern idea of the “golden years” […]

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Hold the mail: Maintenance-free living makes life easier for snowbirds

Maintenance-free living makes enjoying life easier. Active lifestyle communities work with seniors to upgrade their days. Dennis and Christel Spetz knew exactly what they wanted when they decided to move to a retirement community. As snowbirds, they wanted to be free of home maintenance responsibilities. They wanted peace of mind that their home was safe […]